Updates galore

I’ve been in a blogging funk lately. Not sure why. Every time I think of something good to write about, the laziness kind of kicks in and I end up not writing the post. Since I finished my homework early tonight, I decided to just go ahead and write down some random thoughts and updates floating around in my head.

  • School is back in session. This is my last quarter before student teaching and I’m already looking forward to the end. As usual, I’m taking 3 grad level courses – Math: Content and Methods, Child Development, and World Geography. Typically, the first week isn’t too bad; however, this quarter is much different. Tons of discussion board posts, videos to watch, and papers to write. I think I have 3 papers to finish before next Tuesday. That has to be a week 1 record for me!
  • Speaking of school – I’m scheduled to take another certification test this Saturday. It’s a 100 question content-based test. Apparently I only need to get 56 out of 100 questions to pass, so I better do well! This is not a test I want to take again. Cross your fingers for me!
  • Evan might be home before the end of the month! We don’t have an exact date, but a timeframe is better than nothing, right? We have a lot to do when he gets home. We need to head up to PA to see family and so he can renew his driver’s license. I guess it expired a few months ago. Oops. We also need to buy him a new car. We definitely cannot survive on just one car because of my observation hours and upcoming doctor’s appointments. Hopefully we can find something that is affordable, nice, and gas-efficient.
  • On the infertility front: CD 1 finally arrived after a round of BCP and 90 long days. Not surprising – I didn’t ovulate. Shocker! My HSG is scheduled for Tuesday morning. I hope everything comes back all clear. I’ll be starting another pack of BCP tomorrow evening, so we’ll be able to start injects for IUI #5 at the beginning of February.
  • I’m starting my own official 2012 book challenge. My goal is to read at least 50 books by the end of the year. I’ve read these three books so far. Any suggestions?

  • A portion of the bonding on my front tooth finally fell off after 20 long years. I have an appointment with a new dentist in 2 weeks for a cleaning and repair. I hate going to the dentist, so I’m definitely not looking forward to this.
I guess that’s everything that’s been floating around in my head for the moment. I’ll be posting again on Thursday so I can participate in The Pinterest Challenge. Head over to my friend Brittany’s blog to find out more information!

4 thoughts on “Updates galore

  1. amiracle4us

    You have done all those IUI's but never and HSG?? Hoping for good results.So happy hubs is coming home soooon! I know you are ready! Books: hunger games, discovery of witches, folly beach

  2. ~she~

    Have you read Who Moved My Cheese? Some say it's life changing. That's about it as far as non-fiction goes for me.I love fiction books…anything by Maeve Binchy is worth reading. I would start with Circle of Friends or Tara Road. It's kind of nice to read them in chronological order because she occasionally brings old characters into new books. (Her older works aren't quite as good.)I just downloaded a bunch of free books for my Kindle. Hopefully some of them turn out to be good.


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