He’s home and an IUI update

I haven’t written much about E’s deployment here on the blog because of his job, but I’m happy to report that he’s finally home after being gone for almost a year. After being pushed back several times, I got an email on Thursday morning confirming that he would be home that afternoon. It’s been a busy past couple days around the house. We had to find a new vehicle for E since we sold his car before the deployment. We’re the proud new owners of a slightly used 2009 T.oyota T.acoma. I wasn’t super excited about the price, but he loves it and is keeping it for a long time.

Also, readjusting to having two people in the house has been interesting. My routine has been completely disrupted, but it’s ok because he’s home and he’s safe and that’s all that matters. My OCD has been kicking into overdrive though because apparently E still hasn’t learned how to pick up after himself. Ugh that’s a whole other story.

Onto IUI news…
Stimming started on Sunday morning. I went over to my RE’s office last week to pick up my bags (yes, bags) of medicine. Since I stim for weeks upon weeks with the G.onal-F, we decided to try out M.enopur instead. We’re hoping that my body responds quicker to this med. I go in for my first monitoring appointment on Friday morning, so hopefully things are going well and my hormone levels match up. If not, I’ll probably add G.onal-F back into the mix.
(Holy meds!)
Let me just tell you if you’ve never used M.enopur before, it burns. It burns like hell. Never before has an injection made me cry, but I broke down yesterday after giving myself the injection. Today was a little better, but only because I went into my right side. My left side is always the problem side, so I might have to double up on the right side for awhile. Mixing the meds is easier than I had thought it would be, so that’s a plus. Nurse D told me that if I respond quickly, we might have a shot at another IUI before IVF if this one fails. Let’s hope it doesn’t though, alright?

9 thoughts on “He’s home and an IUI update

  1. JustHeather

    Congratulations on having E back at home. I can only compare it to being half way around the world waiting to move to Finland with my guy..and that was difficult being apart. May you two find your new equilibrium at home.And good luck with M.enopur. It did sting, but it's all worth it, right?!

  2. KH

    So happy for you that he's home safely! Though I know what you mean about OCD kicking in. I went through the same thing with my still messy DH when he returned as well. 🙂 I hope you have great results with your new meds!


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