2 years ago

2 years ago today I got my first BFP. I remember jumping up and down in the bathroom then running out into the bedroom to shove the pregnancy test in E’s face. We both couldn’t believe that I was finally pregnant. We had tried for so long and we were finally getting what we wanted so badly.

It was Super Bowl Sunday and were having friends over to the house to watch the game. It was so hard not to share the news with anyone. We were both bursting with excitement. However, I was superstitious about sharing the news too early and didn’t want to tell many people until I was out of the first trimester. We were so happy and excited and didn’t even think about the dreaded M word because of the overabundance of pregnancy symptoms.
Unfortunately, after an uneventful first half of the first trimester and then 6 weeks of intense all-day sickness – constant nausea and throwing up a minimum of 6 times a day – our world came crashing down at my 11 week appointment. We found out that our sweet miracle baby stopped growing at 6w5d.
I guess I’ll never forget the important dates surrounding both of my pregnancies. I guess it’ll never stop hurting when these dates come around. March 25th is our next big date – the day of my 11 week ultrasound.
I really hope that we get to see another positive pregnancy test soon. Hopefully we get to our happy ending.

5 thoughts on “2 years ago

  1. JM

    Oh Lauren… I'm so sorry you have to relieve that each and every year. It really is a horrendously awful thing to have to do. Love and hugs…


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