IUI #5 Update

I went in for my first monitoring appointment for this IUI cycle bright and early on Friday morning. My RE’s office was dead, which was a welcomed surprise. It’s very rare to be the only one in the office on any given morning. I got my blood drawn (and ended up being allergic to the bandage they used to hold the gauze in place) and then headed in for my ultrasound.

The ultrasound tech wasn’t in, so Dr. P. came in to take a look. My lining was only at a 3 (but I was only on CD 8) and there were only two measurable follicles on the left side – one 6mm and one 8mm. My estradiol levels came back at 9.4. Still very low.
Dr. P. decided to keep me on the 1 vial of Me.nopur throughout the weekend. I’m scheduled to go back in on Monday for another monitoring appointment. I would assume if things are still quiet, they’ll up my dosage of the Me.nopur and/or add in a vial of the G.onal-F. I was really hoping not to stim for weeks and weeks, but so far it’s not looking good for me.
I hope that we see some significant changes on Monday – maybe something will pop up on the right side. Hoping for a good report when I write my next blog post!

3 thoughts on “IUI #5 Update

  1. ousoonerchick

    Just found your blog and wanted to say I'm gonna follow along. I just wanted to wish you luck! I'm waiting on AF to show and then I'll be starting our first IUI so I should be right behind out.


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