A Valentine’s Day Guest Post

I was contacted by Allison, who blogs over at Musings of a Curious Mind , about writing a guest post geared towards Valentine’s Day ideas for loved ones who are deployed. She came up with some great ways to share the love even if your soldier is far away. Here’s her article!

Having Valentine’s Day with Your Solider

Every year on February 14, millions of people spend a romantic night with their sweethearts. Sadly, with so many of our brave men and women serving our country overseas, many husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends will be an ocean away from their significant other on Valentine’s Day. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something special for your soldier. Here are five fun ideas to still have the special day with each other:

Send Sweet Treats

There are few better ways to say “I love you” than by filling up your loved one’s tummy with delicious food. Does your soldier have a favorite cookie? Bake some and send them along with a sweet note. If you aren’t too handy in the kitchen, go out and buy some of their favorite candy.

Make a CD

Yeah, the era of mixed tapes may be gone, but CD and MP3’s can still get the job done. Your soldier may not be a sucker for love songs, but you can pick out a few of songs that have a special message or that remind you of each other. Pick out that one song, that whenever you both hear it, it takes you back to a special memory. Music can be powerful. Add a few of your loved one’s favorite songs to the list, and they’ll know you are thinking of them every time they listen.

Write a Love Letter

Whether you write it by hand or send it via email, nothing beats a good, old-fashioned love letter. You special man or woman, might not be a fan of the Notebook, but “sappy” love letters and thoughtful remarks can be resisted. Let your soldier know how much you love and miss them or write about a special moment you spent together when he or she was not deployed.

Have a Care Package Party

Do you have friends who are military spouses or significant others who will also be alone on the big day? Throw a Valentine’s Day Care Package party and together, you can take pictures, bake, and put together care packages for all of your soldiers at once. This way, loved ones can take comfort in knowing you didn’t spend the day alone and also reap the benefits of yummy treats and Valentine’s Day gifts.

Make a Phone Call

If your soldier is in a position to make phone calls, spend some time talking to him or her. Even though you may be separated by a long distance shout-out, your voice still sounds the same and brings out many emotions. Sometimes a simple “Hey Babe” or “I Love You” can make all their stresses go away. Let them know how much they mean to you and what it is you love about them. As a bonus, if your soldier has computer access, you can talk via Skype.


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