ICLW and an IUI update

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If you’re here from ICLW – welcome to my little corner of the Internet. If you’re not here from ICLW – welcome too 🙂

This is my 5th time participating in ICLW. I wrote a decent introduction post back in November, so if you’re interested in our TTC history, you can click here or here to learn about our journey.
Since I wrote my last ICLW post, E and I have resumed TTC since his deployment thankfully ended at the beginning of this month. For this IUI, our fifth, we decided to switch up my dosage of G.onal-F and also added Me.nopur into the mix. I stimmed for 10 days with just 1 vial of Me.nopur a day. Due to poor response in hormone levels, we decided to up the dosage of Me.nopur to 2 vials a day and also added in 2 vials of G.onal-F a day. Thankfully, my body responded well to the increase and my E2 levels shot up to from 69 to 364 in only a few days. I triggered with O.vidrel on Sunday night and had my IUI done this morning. I’ve officially entered the 2 week wait (for what seems like the 100th time) and my beta is scheduled for March 6th. I’ll be back on En.dometrin twice a day during the 2 week wait and will hopefully continue through the first trimester!
During my appointment today, Nurse D (my RE’s nurse) told me that E’s numbers looked good – 65 million spermies post-wash – and that she thinks we’re working with 4 eggs according to where my hormone levels were at last week. Unfortunately my clinic doesn’t perform an ultrasound on the day of the IUI, but I trust my RE and his nurse and am hoping for the best. 1 out of the possible 4 have to stick, right?
Well that’s where we are so far. I’ve been swamped with homework the past few weeks, which has affected my blogging. I just submitted a 20 page research paper for my psychology class and will have to submit 2 more before the quarter is over with. Student teaching starts in 2 weeks and I’m definitely feeling excited, nervous, and overwhelmed! Hopefully my next IF-related post will contain good news!

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