A Different Kind of Two Week Wait

Instead of obsessing over every single symptom or lack of symptom during this two week wait, I’ve decided just to relax and not analyze anything. You may be thinking, “How is it possible to not obsess? You’re in the two week wait?!”

The answer is easy. I’m choosing not to let the two week wait consume my life as it has for the past (almost) three years. This IUI cycle has been completely different from the previous four IUI cycles, so I made a conscious decision to make this two week wait completely different.
How this cycle has compared to others:
  • Instead of stimming for 25+ days, I only stimmed for 15.
  • A new medicine protocol. Instead of using only G.onal-F, I used a combination of Me.nopur and G.onal.
  • Instead of getting poked by the blood draw needle 10+ times, I only got poked twice. This resulted in no bruising for the first time!
  • Instead of stressing out, I’ve chosen to remain calm and relaxed.
Will these differences bring us our long-awaited and much hoped for BFP? God only knows that answer. I don’t plan on testing until Sunday morning, which will put me at 12 dpIUI. I know I’ve said I would wait until 12 dpIUI plenty of times before, but caved and tested at 10dpIUI (and maybe 9dpIUI once – shameful, I know). But this cycle is different and I will stick to my promise that I will not test any earlier then Sunday.
One week down, one to go. Hopefully this cycle ends differently for myself and all my other friends currently in the two week wait!

6 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Two Week Wait

  1. Brittany

    My fingers are crossed so freaking hard for you! I'm proud of you for not obsessing about and just going about your routine. I know it's way easier said than done!

  2. JustHeather

    Fingers crossed!I just want to say that on my last cycle I too decided to not stress and didn't test early. Something, whether not stressing or luck or whatever, worked for us! Good luck!

  3. KH

    So much luck to you this time around! Good for you for not letting it stress you out. I'm only on day 6 of stims, and I can only hope for you attitude in a week or 2! I hope this it it for you.

  4. annoyed army wife

    Good luck, girlfriend!! I'm so glad you've decided to unstress this cycle. My last failed IVF cycle was the first one where I tested early, um, yeah, learned my lesson. I've got my fingers crossed for you!


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