Wordless Wednesday – Pinterest edition

Source: zazzle.com via Lauren on Pinterest


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Pinterest edition

  1. medicalwife

    So true.Today actually, I responded to a post on the post wives page on FB. A person had anonymously asked about the infertility clinic at our hospital bc they were recently referred there. So I started reading the responses, and SO MANY WOMEN were all- "oh, don't give up! My cycles have never been regular, but I didn't go the infertility clinic route and after 16 months, now I'm pregnant," or, "Have you tried ovulation sticks?!" etc. etc. I wanted to punch all of them. They made it sound like being seen by an infertility specialist is a cop out, or something bad. Some also implied that the girl should be seen off-post like something is wrong with our clinic. So I went on a HUGE spiel about Dr. P, and the clinic itself, and why it's actually a great place. I have been feeling all RAWR-y about it ever since, especially towards the people who were insinuating that this poor girl doesn't have a fertility problem, even though they've been trying for about a year to get pregnant and her cycles are all jacked up.


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