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IVF #1 – An Update

I’ve been trying to find time to write an update this week, but between student teaching and doing work for my seminar class, I haven’t had any free time. Since I’m currently procrastinating on writing lesson plans for next week, I thought this would be a good opportunity to write some things down about the past week.

On Monday, I started twice daily injections of microdose L.upron. I had hoped that the headaches wouldn’t show up, but they did. In full force. At one point, I thought my head was going to explode. In addition to the headaches, I also developed a pretty nasty cold (Thanks sick students) and experienced some heart palpitations. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced the palpitations again, so I guess it was just a fluke.

On Tuesday morning, I added in twice daily injections of G.onal and M.enopur. I thought mixing all three meds together would be tricky, but I have it down to a six minute routine. Since my monitoring appointments will be at 6:00 AM for the next week, I get up at 5:20 to prepare my injection. It’s been a very sleepless week and I’m sure next week will be the same.

This Monday, I go in for my first monitoring appointment to find out how the follies are growing and to find out what my E2 levels are. I don’t really feel anything at this point, but hopefully good things are going on in there. If things are progressing slowly, I assume they may bump up my dosage. I hope to stay on track for a next Saturday ER so I only have to miss one day of school for the ET. I know I should probably miss more days, but my cooperating teacher knows that I have to take it easy and I will be sitting for the majority of the day.

I called the IVF clinic yesterday afternoon and paid for all the services for the ER. We’ll also be doing ICSI and hopefully freezing some embryos, but that will be all paid for next week. It was scary to see all of that money going away, but hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end. No, it will be worth it in the end. This will work.

Hopefully, I can jump on Monday or Tuesday to give you all an update on my appointment. Hopefully things are progressing well and we have lots of follies growing!


IVF #1 is underway

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The title says it all. IVF #1 has begun. Yesterday I met with Nurse D and the other ladies on my IVF cycle to discuss the whole process and receive a majority of the meds that will be used over the next few weeks. Holy meds is all I can say. On Monday, I will be starting a microdose L.upron flare protocol.

I took my last birth control pill yesterday. There will be no pills or shots until Monday morning. On Monday, I start twice daily injections of the microdose L.upron. On Tuesday, I will add in twice daily injections of G.onal-F and M.enopur. Thankfully, I can mix all three drugs together, which means only two shots a day as opposed to six.

I’ll continue on with the shots until the following Monday when I go in for my first round of bloodwork and an ultrasound. I believe I’ll be going in every morning until my retrieval due to the fact that I’ve experienced overstimulation before. They went to keep an extra close eye on my oves and hormone levels.

Assuming everything goes according to schedule, my tentative ER date is scheduled for Saturday, May 5 and my transfer will be scheduled for Tuesday, May 8. After retrieval, I’ll start a variety of other medications. I’ll add in three doses of E.ndometrin a day, will start taking a to be determined antibiotic (I’m allergic to so many, so this will be a challenge for my RE) to prevent infection, and M.edrol and baby aspirin to hopefully assist with implantation. The night before the transfer, I’ll be instructed to take two V.aliums to relax the uterus and will take another one the morning of the transfer.

My RE’s office requires patients to come in for two pregnancy tests just in case of late implantation. This might be a stab to the heart if this doesn’t work, but I understand their reasoning behind it. My first beta is tentatively scheduled for May 17 and the follow up will be on May 21.

I’m a mess of emotions right now. Scared, excited, nervous, and anxious. I’m mentally ready for the injections but am still a little intimidated by the ER. Nurse D put my mind at ease (just a little bit) when she discussed the ER in detail yesterday. She said we would only be sedated for about 20 minutes and she would be there the entire time. Much different from my D&C experience when I was thrown in a room with people I didn’t know. This resulted in a panic attack and a mad rush to find E.

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks, this will all be over with and I’ll hopefully be typing up a positive pregnancy test post.


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Wow. So it’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve written a “real” post. I guess student teaching has taken control over my life for the most part. I’m on Spring Break this week, but that doesn’t mean that the work stops. I’ve been writing lesson plans, working on seminar work, and coordinating observations and requests with my University Supervisor and seminar professor. I just finished up with all of my Mathematics lesson plans for next week, so I only have to worry about a few Language Arts ones and I’m all set. I guess I should get working on that when I’m finished this post.

My first formal observation went off without a hitch. I actually got a very good (and nice) review from my University Supervisor. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least and my confidence has definitely been boosted. I’ll work on my own mid-term evaluation next week and my cooperating teacher will provide me with his own feedback. I can’t believe I only have 7 more weeks of teaching before I’m finally finished. Graduation is only 2 short months away!
Onto some IF-related things….
  • My baseline ultrasound and injections class are still set for next Friday. I can’t believe the date is getting closer and closer.
  • I just ordered some meds from the pharmacy – L.upron, the trigger shot, and E.ndometrin. I guess every med isn’t covered, but some is better than none. I’m hoping that the u/s shows nothing going on so I can just go ahead and skip the L.upron all together.
  • Meds and my first injection are set for the 21st. Next weekend, we will be officially underway.
  • We WILL be doing ICSI due to the multiple failed IUI attempts. Apparently assisted hatching isn’t off the table at this point either but that decision will be made later with Dr. P.
  • I’m feeling nervous and slightly pessimistic about all of this. I balled my eyes out at church on Easter because the sermon included a lovely discussion on death and feeling angry about death. Yes, I’m still angry about my miscarriages. I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling this way. I cried so hard that we had to leave church. Talk about embarrassing. I hope we don’t have to experience a third.
Here’s to hoping that in about a month, we’ll have our third BFP. Hopefully if this happens, this baby will make it and we’ll finally get to hold the baby we’ve been waiting so long for sometime next year.