A quick update

Yesterday morning I went in for my first monitoring appointment since starting stims last Tuesday. I didn’t physically feel like much was going on, so I was a little worried that the RE would have some bad news to share with me. I arrived at the clinic bright and early at 5:55 AM to make sure that I would be the first one to be seen. I went back for my blood draw first and had to request a “special” colored bandage since apparently I’m allergic to the normal brown ones. Yes, I’m aware that my body is weird. What aren’t I allergic to these days?

Next, I headed down the hall to the ultrasound room. Lo and behold, Dr. P, Nurse D, and I saw a decent amount of follies on the screen – all measuring between 8 mm and 10 mm. I had to wait until almost 4:00 to find out what my E2 levels were since I’m in the classroom until 3:30. E2 came back at 247. I was unsure about this number but Nurse D reassured me that the numbers looked good, I was where I needed to be, and that my meds would stay the same. Since I was grocery shopping when I picked up the phone, I forgot to ask about my ER date. Would it still be on Saturday or would it be pushed back?

I called Nurse D back and left a message. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive a call back last night, but Nurse D did call me back this afternoon. Since I was second-guessing the results from the ultrasound and blood draw, I asked her again if things were looking good. Given my previous history of poor stimulation, Dr. P was very impressed with my response to the meds so far. Nurse D told me that honestly I was doing better than expected. They will most likely make a decision on when my ER will be after my blood work comes back on Thursday. Right now, we’re still set for Saturday, but there is a chance it might be pushed back to Sunday morning.

Today, I’m starting to experience that “full” feeling that occurs when the follies start getting bigger and my E2 starts to shoot up. Hopefully everything is growing as it should and that I get a good report on Thursday. E is coming along to my appointment on Thursday so we can get a review on how to administer the IM trigger shot. I’ve been lucky and have been given O.vidrel for all of my IUIs, so we definitely need a lesson on the IM shot. Hopefully he’s a fast learner because this is the one shot I refuse to give myself.

Hoping for some more good news on Thursday! I can’t believe we’re halfway through this process already.


5 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. Ben and Katie

    Awww this is so good to hear! Praying all continues to work out just right!Have no fear on the im shots! Just find some muscle and pop it in. He can prob even just do it in your arm. Wish I was closer, I'd do it for you!

  2. Rebecca

    Happy to hear that things are looking good. The IM shot isn't all that hard. If when he pulls back he sees blood, rather rare, he has to remove the needle and put on another. Good Luck!

  3. Brittany

    I'm so glad that things are going well. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come 🙂 You know my fingers and every hair on my body is crossed for you!!


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