Another IVF Update


That’s my estradiol level! Nurse D called this afternoon to let me know that my levels went from 247 on Tuesday to 1,308 today. What a jump! I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be that high at all.

My ultrasound also went very well. My lining is at 14 (the highest it’s ever been at) and Dr. P. counted 13 follicles. There were more but Nurse D told me he gets lazy after awhile. The largest is at 16 mm and the others are hanging out around 12 – 13 mm. Because of this, my ER is definitely pushed back to Sunday afternoon.

Here’s the game plan:

  • Continue to stim tonight and tomorrow morning. 
  • Trigger at 1:00 AM (ugh) on Saturday morning. 
  • Head over to the family medicine clinic to get my last blood draw at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning. 
  • Head to the pharmacy to pick up my array of post-retrieval meds after the blood draw. 
  • Fast starting at midnight on Saturday evening. 
  • Head to the clinic at 12:45 PM on Sunday afternoon for a 1:00 PM retrieval appointment.
I’m definitely ready for the retrieval, but still a little anxious about it. Also, is it sad that the first thing I thought of when I got my ER time was that I won’t be able to eat for over 14 hours? E better treat me to something good on Sunday night for dinner. 
Hopefully my next update will contain some great news about eggs retrieved and how many eggs fertilized. 

8 thoughts on “Another IVF Update

  1. Candice

    Not bad at all – 14hours is aaaaages!!! You absolutely deserve a nice dinner date after all this :)Feeling so happy for you at this good news!

  2. JustHeather

    Great numbers! Fingers crossed for continued greatness.You have to fast before your retrieval? It goes to show again just how different every clinic is.

  3. Rebecca

    Protein and Gatorade should get you through most of the food issues after the egg retrieval. Its been told that if you eat carbs after the egg retrieval you'll have a higher chance at OHSS. Just put your feet up and relax after its done. Oh and you have some bleeding its normal…lot of bleeding go to the ER. Good luck!

  4. JM

    Fantabulous news!!! I told you Thursday would show some aweomeness up in the oves. Just stopping in quickly to wish you a great retrieval on Sunday… I'll be thinking lots of mature egg thoughts for 'ya.. you know, while I'm on the cruise 🙂


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