ER and a Fert Report

A lot has happened since I last posted 2 days ago. I had my egg retrieval surgery yesterday afternoon and I received our fertilization report this afternoon.

First off – the ER

E and I arrived at the fertility clinic around 11:40 yesterday to fill out some paperwork and drop some more money for ICSI (For those not up on your infertility lingo – ICSI is when the sperm is directly injected into the egg). Next, Dr. P. brought us back to a room to review the anesthesia process. We signed some paperwork and he asked if we had any questions. The only one I could come up with was, “Can they stick the IV needle in my arm and leave my hand alone?” Yes, a strange request but I had a terrible experience with a nurse trying to ram the IV needle in my hand when I had my D&C in GA.

Next, Nurse D came and lead me back to the bathroom so I could change. After that, I was brought into the room where the procedure would occur. I met the anesthesiologist and asked her if Nurse D could come in the room. I was feeling anxious at this point and really wanted someone in the room who I knew. Nurse D came in, sat down next to me, and held my hand. I don’t remember much after that. The last thing I remember is asking the anesthesiologist if she started running the medicine to my IV yet. I guess that stuff works pretty quickly!

According to E, we were in the recovery room for about a half hour after the procedure was over with. I think I probably only remember the last ten minutes of this. He told me that Dr. P. came in the room and told us that they retrieved 11 eggs and that he was very proud of me and happy with the number. E said that I begged the nurse for some T.ylenol, but then I had trouble getting the pills into my mouth. They kept falling out. How embarrassing! The only thing I really remember is getting dressed and walking out of the clinic to the car.

After leaving the clinic, we headed home so I could sleep the anesthesia off and put my feet up. I started a new round of meds last night – an antibiotic to ward off any possible infection from the ER, baby aspirin, M.edrol to aid with implanation, and last but not least, the progesterone. I only take the antibiotic and the M.edrol for four days, but will stay on the baby aspirin and progesterone for awhile (hopefully through that first trimester!).

I headed back to school this morning, despite some lingering pain, because my student teaching timeline is very tight. I waited impatiently for Dr. P. to call with my fertilization report. Finally, around 3:00, my phone started ringing. Dr. P. told me that 9 out of our 11 eggs fertilized and that my transfer would be scheduled for Wednesday. Such exciting news! Dr. P. will call tomorrow afternoon with a follow up report as well as with exact details for our transfer. It looks like we will stick to our plan and put back two embies.

Hoping to write another wonderful update on Wednesday after my transfer. Right now, we’re hoping that all 9 continue to grow and that we will have 7 to freeze.


10 thoughts on “ER and a Fert Report

  1. JustHeather

    As I was reading this, I kept waiting for the horrible part where you had to go to the ER..and then it dawned on me, ER = egg retrieval and I was reading about it the whole time. Duh! *blush*Congrats on the numbers. May this first round work wonders and may you have plenty to freeze!


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