3 Day Transfer

Yesterday afternoon I received another phone call from Dr. P. concerning our remaining 9 embryos. I was told that 7 of the 9 were still growing strong, but the other 2 were lagging behind. I asked if they were going to be discarded and Dr. P told me “No, we’ll keep an eye on them until tomorrow.” I was told that my embryo transfer was scheduled for 3:00 PM the next day (Today). 

Last night, I had to take what seemed like a hundred pills. I had my last antibiotic pill, 4 M.edrols, and my baby aspirin. In addition to all that, I also had to take 2 V.aliums to help relax my uterus in preparation for transfer. Also, I had to shove so much darn progesterone up my lady bits – 1 E.ndometrin, 2 vaginal suppositories, and an applicator filled with progesterone gel. The gel kept seeping out, so I had a breakdown and called Nurse D at almost 11 last night. She told me to wait awhile so the other capsules could be absorbed and try again. The second time around was a success – what a relief!
Since my transfer wasn’t scheduled until 3:00, I decided to teach today. Wednesdays are early release for the students, so it worked out perfectly (I will be taking the day off tomorrow and keeping my feet up) I left school at 1:50, drove over to meet E at his office, and popped my last V.alium. One of the downsides to a transfer is the fact that you’re required to have a full bladder. I started chugging water at noon and by the time 3:00 rolled around, I was extremely uncomfortable. There were 3 other couples waiting before us at the clinic, so I didn’t even get taken back until after 4:00. By this point, I was doing the pee dance like a 5 year old would, so the nurse let me empty out a little bit. 
Thankfully right after this, I was called back into the room. I stripped down from the waist down and Nurse D told me that I was going to get a booster trigger shot to aid in implantation. I wasn’t aware of this, but what’s one more shot at this point? The shot was painless and we moved onto the actual transfer. 
My feet were put up in the stirrups, the speculum was inserted, my cervix was cleaned off, and in went the catheter. The embryologist confirmed my name and asked how many embryos we were transferring. I told her “2”. After that, we watched up on the ultrasound screen and saw our 2 little embryos deposited safely into my uterus. Now we play the waiting game. My first beta isn’t scheduled until May 21. Such a long time to go!
Also, some other good news. We ended up with 6 embryos to freeze. 1 of the stragglers made a comeback! We ended up transferring 2, 8-cell, grade I embryos (My clinic’s top-rated embryos). We’re freezing another 8-cell, grade I embryo, 5, 6-cell embryos (mixed grade I and grade II) and a 4-cell, grade II embryo. We paid the last of our fees for the cryopreservation and storage. Glad to be down with the payments. 
Now we wait. This is going to be the longest two weeks of my life. 
I’ll leave you all with a picture of our embryos being transferred. I can’t stop looking at it. Love at first sight. Embies – please snuggle in and hang out for the next 9 months. Mommy loves you already. 
(It’s hard to tell, but the 2 larger white specks in the
 center of the picture are our embryos!)

6 thoughts on “3 Day Transfer

  1. Aly

    No one told me this, but when you end up getting pregnant, the lab will actually print you out the embryo picture of the ones they put back in. I have no idea why that lab doesn't do it until you get pregnant, but I have London's framed and in his room. It's super cute for the baby book :)I am so stinking happy for you. Are you planning to test early? I'm impatient, even when it's not me testing 🙂

  2. Darlene

    Wow such a process I am sending every positive vibe your way!! Fingers, toes, eyes and anything else I can cross are crossed for you and your hubby!

  3. Darlene

    Wow such a process I am sending every positive vibe your way!! Fingers, toes, eyes and anything else I can cross are crossed for you and your hubby!


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