Blog Break

I haven’t been around much and that’s for a good reason. I haven’t had many positive things to write about, so I’ve decided to take a step back. I’m still struggling with our IVF failure and struggling with the fact that treatments have worked for others. Don’t get me wrong – I’m so, so happy that these women no longer have to struggle with the getting pregnant part; however, I feel left behind. I hope I can join them all on the other side after our FET in August.

Also, my due date for Angel Baby #2 is quickly approaching – July 12. Who would have thought that 2 years later, E and I would still be fighting for our miracle?

I don’t know when I’ll be back to blogging. Probably around the time of our FET. I ordered my meds yesterday and will have my baseline ultrasound to make sure everything is still quiet on the 25th.


2 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. Jen

    I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I'm sorry you are still struggling but it is understandable. Just know that I'm praying for you!! 🙂

  2. a miracle 4 us

    Hey LaurenI have written these words so many times in the past few years so understand how you are feeling. I thought for so long, after our failed medicated cycles, IUI, and IVF cycles that it wasn't going to happen for us, why was it happening to us and the feeling of being left behind by not only my IRL friends, but blogging friends as well. It is such a hard place to be. If only there was a crystal ball that could show us the future, it could help us prepare and decide what to do next or enjoy the 'down' time just a little bit while we waited. I can't take that feeling away, but know I can understand and hope that someday, you will come out on the other side and I pray August is your month!!!Thanks for your note recently checking in. I will post an update soon, but all is very well. xom


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