Ending My Blogging Hiatus

Hey there bloggies. Sorry about the lack of updates, but I needed to take some time for my emotional and mental health. Also, I didn’t think everyone wanted to read only depressing and whiny posts. I’m back now and have hopped on the FET (frozen embryo transfer) train after waiting for what seemed like an eternity.

I had my baseline ultrasound earlier in the week and thankfully everything was quiet in there. I’ve been on birth control for almost 2 months, so if there was anything happening in there, I would have been shocked. I received my medications from my mail order pharmacy on Tuesday, received my official calendar on Wednesday, and picked up the remaining medications today. As far as medications go, I’m loaded. However, since there is no stimming involved for FET, there are a lot less medications than with IVF.

(See? Not so bad)

Just in case you were wondering (and I’m sure you were), here’s a brief summary of my protocol: 
  • July 28 – Start 20 units of L.upron (Stay away L.upron headaches)
  • July 31 – Take last BCP (Thank goodness)
  • August 3 – Start E.strace once a day, reduce L.upron to 10 units, start baby aspirin regiment 
  • August 6 – Start D.oxycycline
  • August 8 – Increase E.strace to twice a day
  • August 13 – Reduce E.strace to once a day
  • August 16 – Trigger shot, last dose of L.upron
  • August 18 – Start E.ndometrin and M.edrol
  • August 20 – Start pre-transfer medications 
  • August 21 – Transfer day! Finish D.oxycycline and M.edrol 
  • August 31 – Beta #1
  • September 3 – Beta #2 

Of course, all of these dates and things could be pushed up or pushed back by a few days if necessary. I’m hoping that things stay on track though, because I’m supposed to travel with E on August 24 to watch him compete in his first (and maybe last) I.ronman triathlon. He’s been training so hard for the past 5 months and it would be a shame to miss him competing in this huge event. 
Also, our consent forms are due at the clinic where the transfer will take place by August 10. Our current dilemma/decision is how many embies we want to thaw and transfer. Our RE suggests transferring 3, but I’m not so sure that we would be able to handle triplets, so we’re leaning towards transferring 2. This may change depending on my next discussion with RE, but for right now, I’m saying 2. 
I’ll try to post more often, but I’m not making any promises. The posts may just be short FET updates, because I’m still feeling very sad and unhappy about the way things have turned out for us. I’m trying to clear my mind and stay in a positive mindset for this FET cycle, because I want this to work more than anything. 

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