FET #1 Update

I’m about 2 weeks into my first FET cycle and have been into see Dr. P. for 3 monitoring appointments so far. The daily L.upron shots continue and I’m up to taking 9 pills a day. So far, so good. The oves are quiet and my lining is working it’s way up to where it needs to be for our transfer on the 21st.

My only complaint about this cycle is the massive amounts of bruising on my stomach from the L.upron injections. Some days it’s very hard to get the needle through the skin. I blame this partly on the fact that I’ve done so many injectible cycles. I know the skin on my arms get tough due to all the blood draws, so I can’t imagine what 12-30 days of injections per cycle over the past year and a half have done to the skin on my stomach. Thankfully, I only have 10 more days of L.upron injections. The end is near!

When I was getting my blood drawn today, I noticed that there were 3 vials in my bag as opposed to the typical 2. I asked Nurse N what the third vial was for. I wouldn’t be me without asking a million and one questions. She told me that they were testing everyone’s vitamin D levels, because Dr. P went to a conference that showed a link between vitamin D deficiency and infertility. If my levels come back lower than where they need to be, then I’ll add in a weekly supplement to help boost my levels. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if my levels were low. At this point, I’m willing to try everything and anything if it will help me conceive.

Right now, I’m waiting on the phone call from Nurse D to find out when my next appointment will be and what the results of my blood tests are. My lining was at a 3 and I still have 2 weeks to go before transfer, so hopefully it thickens up nicely.

I have another blog post to write about my weekend, but that will have to wait until later!


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