Transfer Day

Yesterday was full of highs and lows. My transfer wasn’t scheduled until 2pm, so I decided to take the morning to run errands and start in-processing for my new job as a substitute teacher for the on-post school district (another post for another time).

E left work at lunchtime and we left for the clinic around 1:30. My RE and nurse were running late, so I made myself comfortable on the couch and sipped my water to ensure that my bladder was nice and full for the upcoming transfer.

Once my nurse showed up, she walked E and I to the conference room and told us that Dr. P. would be in shortly to review the thaw report and have us sign some paperwork for the FET. She placed our chart upside-down on the table, closed the door, and left us alone.

Of course I couldn’t wait until Dr. P. came in to find out about our embryos, so I swiped the chart off the table and flipped it over. My heart sank. They had to thaw all 6 embryos in order to get 2 for our transfer. I immediately started crying. I kept thinking, “If this doesn’t work, we don’t have any embryos left for another round.”

I tried to compose myself the best that I could, but immediately started crying once Dr. P. walked into the room. He asked if I had looked at the chart and I shamefully nodded my head. I asked him what had happened and he explained that the 4 lost embryos weren’t dividing as they should. He did show me pictures of our 2 snowbabies that would be transferred and reassured me that they looked great. This made me feel a little better, but I was still processing the loss of our other 4.

Next, I walked into the transfer room and got a booster shot of H.CG before the transfer. My nurse did an ultrasound on my stomach to ensure that I had a full bladder and pointed out the catheter that was being inserted for the transfer. The embryologist came into the room to verify my name and how many embryos were being transferred. Once the information was verified, Dr. P. transferred our snowbabies and I watched them deposit into my uterus on the ultrasound screen.

After laying down for 20 minutes, I got dressed and we headed home. I’ve been on bed rest since the transfer, but will be coming off of it tomorrow.

I’m sad about our losses, but hopeful that these 2 snowbabies will become our miracle babies. These 2 survived for a reason, right? They’re fighters. I don’t ask for prayers often, but whatever you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

My first beta is scheduled for next Friday, so we don’t have to wait too long to find out if this worked. We’ll see what happens.


17 thoughts on “Transfer Day

  1. JustHeather

    Sending many positive thoughts for you and your 2 snowbabies! I know it's not the best thing to hear, but it truly only takes one to stick. We learned that. *big hugs*

  2. a miracle 4 us

    I know the feeling all to well of not having an frosties left as a 'back up'. It can be stressful and worrisome, but just keep focusing on the two that made it! They are fighters and you need to keep fighting for them as hard as they are fighting for you. Fingers crossed!

  3. KC

    Sending sticky thoughts. I had a similar experience (although none of mine made it to freeze). When all of our embryos expired I was sure the two we transferred wouldn't stick but they did. You just have to tell yourself the strongest two are making a home inside of you. Praying for you!


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