Prayers For a Friend

A little over a year or so ago, I joined Twitter because I was seeking out support during my journey with infertility. I’ve “met” so many amazing women who have made this journey a little more bearable. One of those ladies was EJ or as some of you know her as @EndoJourney. Like myself, EJ has battled infertility over the years and finally became pregnant on an IVF cycle.

Unfortunately, she’s had numerous complications over the course of this pregnancy and has gone into preterm labor. She has been having contractions for weeks and her water broke the other night at only 23 weeks. While she is being given medications to help keep her sweet baby boy (known as MB) in for as long as possible, it is unclear when she will actually give birth to MB.

I don’t pray often or ask people to pray for others either. I have a very rocky relationship with the man upstairs, but that’s another post for another time. Tonight I’m putting my own feelings and beliefs aside and asking for you to pray for EJ, her husband, and MB. They could use all the prayers and good thoughts that people are willing to pass along. Right now, EJ is only a few days away from 24 weeks, which is the viability milestone that every mother anxiously awaits. Please pray that MB stays put until at least 24 weeks, if not longer. The longer he can stay put, the better.

Also, if you have a minute, please visit EJ’s blog and offer some support.

EJ – MB’s Twitter aunties and I are sending along so many good thoughts, prayers, and hugs to you all. We’re all pulling for you and MB. Hang on for just a little while longer baby boy.


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