Pictures From Our Weekend and Other Happenings

E decided to participate in a local triathlon this weekend since the tri season is wrapping up for the year. I had the opportunity to snap some great pictures before and during the race, so I thought I would share some with you!

Some of you may also be wondering where we are in our fertility journey at the moment since I haven’t really posted any updates. Currently, I’m on birth control pills so we can cycle again at the end of this month. We have decided to go forward with injectibles, but no IUI. If this cycle (and possible the next) is unsuccessful, there is a strong possibility of doing another round of IVF in January. We’ve opted not to do IUI in November and December because it doesn’t increase our chances much and we would rather put that money towards our IVF fund.

I began working about a month ago as a substitute teacher, so my paychecks are being moved directly to our savings account. I don’t make much, but every little bit helps. I’m enjoying working with Pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade students and recently got offered a long-term sub position in a kindergarten classroom. The teacher is leaving, so there is a possibility of interviewing for the full-time position. It would be great to get my first year of teaching under my belt before PCSing in the spring. Our path for E’s next job isn’t 100% finalized yet, so that will be another post for another time.


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