Happy Birthday, Angel Baby

The dreaded day rolls around yet again. Today, October 13, is the due date for our first angel baby. This is the day that our son or daughter would be turning 3 years old.

3 years later and the memory of what should have been still stings. It makes my heart hurt just typing these words. We should have a walking, talking, smiling, giggling, amazing child. We should be gathering together with family and friends to celebrate another wonderful year of our child’s life. Unfortunately, this isn’t happening and I’m not 100% sure that it ever will.

As the years pass, you think this would get easier. That I would start to forget all the dates surrounding my pregnancies. Each milestone day – the day we found out we were pregnant, the day we found out the pregnancy wasn’t viable, the due date – is fresh in my mind.

I participated in a remembrance walk on Thursday night and learned that it’s ok not to stop grieving. That it’s ok not to forget. I will never, ever forget my first and second babies.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Angel Baby. Mommy and Daddy still think about you often. We love you and miss you and hope that you’re keeping your brother or sister company up there in heaven. Please watch over us and send us another child soon.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Angel Baby

  1. Robyn :)

    I certainly wouldn't think it would get easier while you are still going through the same issues with trying to get pregnant. And there is no time limit on grief. I think you will probably always mourn this day. I have a friend who lost 2 babies at birth and now has a 10 year old, but she still grieves and remembers the birthdates of her angel children. Lots of hugs to you 🙂


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