My Life Lately… In Bullet Points

I meant to post this yesterday, but I never took it out of draft status. Oops! Anyway, I’m linking up with my friend Suzy over at Not a Fertile Myrtle for Friday Fragments. Head over to Suzy’s blog to check it out! 
  • I haven’t been around much to blog because I’ve been teaching in the same kindergarten classroom for the past week. It was supposed to be a long-term position, but the school already hired a new teacher. My last day will be on Halloween. Honestly, I’m bummed out that this job will be coming to an end. I love the students and have enjoyed creating and teaching my own lessons. Also, I’m slightly bummed that I won’t be receiving long-term sub pay because I will only be in the classroom for 8 days. You have to be in the classroom for 10 consecutive days to receive long-term pay. It wasn’t a huge difference in pay, but every little bit helps. 
  • E got officially accepted to grad school on Thursday! He applied for a faculty position at West Point last year and got accepted. Even though he already has a Master’s degree, he has to get another one in the area that we will be teaching. We knew that he would most likely be accepted, but were waiting on the official word. Now we have it and we are scheduled PCS sometime in the spring. We’ll end up PCSing twice in one year. Good thing we’ve done it before so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming. 
  • I received word about another possible long-term sub (hopefully this is actually long-term) position starting in mid-November. It would be in pre-K classroom, which means I would have two groups of students each day. The job isn’t bad because I only teach in 2 and a half hour blocks. 
  • We’re starting to gear up for the holidays. Can you believe the holiday season is upon us again? It feels like I was just buying Christmas presents for everyone. We’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and I’m excited about cooking! I’ve been planning my menu for a few weeks now. I’m also hosting a cookie swap party for a few friends in December. I’ve been gathering ideas on Pinterest and having a hard time deciding what type of cookie I want to make. Any ideas? What are your favorite holiday cookies?
  • Speaking of December and the holidays, I’m about a month out from my 30th birthday. I’m a little apprehensive about it. Totally not where I dreamt I would be in terms of our family. 
  • I’m getting ready to start another injectibles cycle. Hopefully if everything goes as planned, I should be starting my injections on Monday morning and going in for my first monitoring appointment the following Monday. 
That’s what has been going on in my corner of the world. Hope everyone has a good weekend! 

5 thoughts on “My Life Lately… In Bullet Points

  1. JustHeather

    Congrats on E getting into the school and may this next job last a bit longer.A couple of years ago I made Snowball cookies and people loved them! They were pretty easy to make too.

  2. Rebecca

    West Point is a nice duty station. The roads are a little rough in winter if you haven't been there yet to experience them. If you need to drive through Newburg/Beacon area keep your car doors locked especially while stopped at a light! Too many bums.My cousin was a teacher at West Point for many years until he retired as a full bird Col in the late 90's. Envy you going there as I have family nearby. Have fun.

  3. Cassidy

    I took a test 2 days ago, and got a BFN. I'm still waiting on AF, but here's to more waiting. Normally I'm pretty 'on time' about 36 days and under. If there's nothing today I'll take another test. IF AF does arrive here's to clomid and a trigger.


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