Milspouse (First) Friday Fill-In

It’s been a long time since I participated in a Friday Fill-In due to school, work, laziness, etc. Since today is a teacher workday, I have plenty of time to answer the questions provided by Wife of a Sailor. Head over to her blog to link up!

1. What’s one thing in the past month that you would have changed?

I wish that I would have eaten better. I have the exercise portion of the weight loss equation down, but my diet has been awful. I’m stuck in this vicious cycle of stress eating and I can’t seem to get out of it.

2. What was your favorite thing that happened in October?

Can I have two favorite things?

The first was starting injections again, which will hopefully result in our miracle baby later this month. The second was getting to sub for a week and a half in a kindergarten classroom. It was a great experience and I had a great group of kids to work with.

3. What dish makes the Thanksgiving holiday for you? (Bonus points if you share the recipe.)

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my Oatmeal Nut Crunch Apple Pie. So delicious and easy to make. It’s also healthier since it’s from Eating Well!

4. Check out my post from yesterday… will you be participating in the Milspouse Secret Santa? 

I’m thinking about it. 🙂

5. What are you looking forward to in December? 

There are many things to celebrate in December. My birthday is on the 6th, our 6th anniversary is on the 16th, and of course Christmas is on the 25th. I’m looking forward to finding that perfect gift for E and shopping, baking, and creating for others. Finally, I’m looking forward to a cookie swap party that I’m hosting on the 8th. December rocks!


2 thoughts on “Milspouse (First) Friday Fill-In

  1. Rebecca

    Wishing you luck on this cycle. I love holiday baking! Okay so I love baking any time of year that I have the energy to do so. This year I'm thinking of making some new treats that I haven't made before.


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