Where Did November Go?

I can’t believe it’s already November 20th and that it will be Thanksgiving in just 2 days. I’ve been busy completing long-term substitute teaching jobs in both kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classrooms, so there hasn’t been much time for anything. I already have another long-term job lined up in a first grade classroom starting on the 30th and it will run until Christmas break begins.

Not much news on the fertility front. Currently in the 2 week wait. Infertility exhausts me at the moment; therefore, I will not elaborate on this cycle. I will sometime in the near future if anyone was wondering what has been going on.

We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year! We’re having some great friends over to share in our feast. E has also extended an invitation to a new co-worker who has just PCS’ed from Germany. I’ve been involved in a frenzy of menu preparations and pre-Thanksgiving cleaning for the past few days. Tomorrow is my big day of cleaning and prepping as much food as I can to take off some of the pressure on Thursday.

I hope to get back on and write a real update on Friday since I’ll be staying put. No Black Friday shopping for this household. Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.


4 thoughts on “Where Did November Go?

  1. Cassidy

    I know the feeling about the two week wait. I'm there, currently on 4 DPO with clomid and a trigger shot this cycle. I'm EXCITED!! I'm praying for the both of us. This would make a WONDERFUL gift for the families!


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