Goodbye, 2012


Another year has come and gone. There were some great things that happened during 2012, and some not-so-great things that happened. 

Some of the great things: 
  • E finally coming home in February from his year-long deployment. 
  • Student teaching in a DoDEA school. 
  • Graduating with a 4.0 in June and receiving my Master’s degree and elementary education certification after 3 long years of switching schools and starting over. 
  • E graduating with his Master’s degree. 
  • E being accepted into the physical education department at West Point. 
  • E completing his first full I.ronman event in Louisville, KY. 
Some of the not-so-great things: 
  • Our failed IUI, IVF, and FET cycles. The biggest blow was losing all 8 embryos over the span of 3 months. 
  • Dealing with the heartache and depression that came after each failed cycle. 
  • Gaining about 10 pounds from treatment cycles and not being able to get it off. 
  • Being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. 
  • My already strained relationship with my parents falling into even further disrepair. 
  • Deciding that this upcoming IVF (and possible future FET) cycle will be our last attempt at having a biological child. 
I truly hope that next year is the year that will bring us the happiness that we have been waiting for for five long and difficult years. I also hope that 2013 is the year for all my friends who are still waiting in the trenches with me. 
To my readers – Thank you for the support. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this overall crappy year without all the love and support. I hope 2013 has amazing things in store for you too. 

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2012

  1. Jen

    My dear friend you deserve to have a sweet baby more than anyone I know! Sending lots of hugs and love your way. 2013 will be your year!


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