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IVF 2.0 Update

There has been a lot going on in regards to IVF 2.0 since I last updated the blog.

First off, L.upron is the devil. I had terrible joint pain and raging headaches for the first two and a half days. Thankfully, the side effects have subsided and I only experience the occasional dull headache.

I started stims on Thursday morning and was scheduled for my first monitoring appointment on Monday morning (stim day four). Nurse D did my ultrasound and we found a bunch of small follicles on each side ranging from about 4 to 8 mm. My blood was drawn and I headed to work for the day.

I heard back from Nurse D around 4:30 that afternoon. She told me that my estradiol (E2) level was only at 62. She wanted me to come back in on Thursday morning for my next check.

My heart sank.

My levels are typically low in the beginning, but during my first round of IVF, it wasn’t nearly that low at my first check.

After some major freaking out and crying, I took a peek at my first IVF calendar. I noticed that I didn’t go in for my first monitoring appointment until my seventh day of stimming. My E2 level was up above 200 at that point.

Thursday will mark my eighth day of stimming, so hopefully my follicles will be bigger and my E2 level will be higher.

I’m nervous about my retrieval and transfer dates because E is getting ready to go TDY for a few weeks. Obviously, he’s essential to retrieval and I’m confident that he won’t miss that. I do have a friend willing to drive me on transfer day, but I would appreciate it if E was there for it.

I guess only time will tell and we’ll find out what’s going on tomorrow. Truth be told, I’m a nervous wreck.

One bright side of this cycle is that my thyroid levels are back under control. I requested that my TSH level be checked again since it’s been 3 weeks since my dosage had been adjusted. My TSH went from 3.35 at the beginning of January down to a 0.733!

Hopefully my next update will be a positive one.


The Lupron Fiasco

Last week, I ordered my Lupron and trigger shots from a pharmacy based out of the Northeastern United States because my clinic doesn’t keep these drugs in stock. I took the day off from work because I need to be home to sign for the box of meds. No big deal, right?


I woke up yesterday morning and opened up my email. I expected to see an email containing a tracking number for my package. I’ve placed orders with this pharmacy before and they’ve always been great about sending tracking information the morning of delivery. I thought it was strange that nothing was in my email by 9 AM. 
9:30 rolls around and I finally see an email pop-up. I’m not going to lie, I was worried when I read the subject line: “Urgent.” I thought to myself, “Hmm. That can’t be good news.” 
I opened the email and found that my package had been delayed until Wednesday (today) due to unfavorable weather conditions up in the Northeast.  I was instructed to call the pharmacy if the medicine was needed before the delivery would arrive the following day. 
I immediately went into panic mood because “Oh my goodness (not what I really said. Insert some vulgar language). I have to start my L.upron injections at 6 AM tomorrow morning. This is not going to work.” 
After a few minutes of flipping out, I calmed down (a bit) and called the pharmacy. Thank goodness for good customer service. I was assured that they would have an emergency dose of L.upron delivered to me before the end of the day. However, they had to track down a pharmacy in the area that carried the medicine. I was told that I would receive a phone call when the medicine was located. 
After I hung up with the pharmacy, I called my RE’s nurse using the “IVF-only” cell phone number. It rang and rang and rang. Of course it did. It was only about 9:45 and I’m sure they were doing tests and IUIs for other patients. Surprisingly, Nurse D called me back in about 10 minutes and I explained the situation to her. She calmly told me that it wouldn’t be a huge issue if I didn’t start the L.upron injections until the evening. She assured me that it wouldn’t screw up anything. I was instructed to let her know if I received the medicine later in the day or if I would just get it tomorrow. 
Even though I was reassured that things would be okay, my irrational brain thought otherwise. I kept thinking, “What if this somehow screws up my cycle?” “Did we just pay thousands of dollars for nothing?”
The morning passed. No phone call. 
Lunch went by. No phone call. 
Finally, around 12:30, I received a phone call from the pharmacy. They were able to locate a pharmacy that was willing to deliver the L.upron to me later in the day! However, the pharmacy was about 3 hours away. I eagerly told the representative to please send the L.upron and that I would take the following day off from work to receive the rest of the medications (I unwilling took off from work, because really, I need the money).
I tried to keep busy after the call. I really, really tried. Too bad I just spent the afternoon looking out the window. 
5:00 PM came and went. 6:00 PM – still no sign of a car. 
Shortly after 6:00, I decided to follow up with the pharmacy to see if they could give me an ETA on the L.upron. I was worried that the driver had just turned around because he/she couldn’t locate our house (we live in a newer development that sometimes doesn’t show up on GPS). While I was sitting on hold, I noticed a beam of light coming through the guest bedroom window. I looked outside and lo and behold, there was a car sitting in the driveway. 
I hung up the phone quickly and ran to the door. 
I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see a pharmacy worker. She held in her hand the precious (really evil) L.upron. I thanked her and immediately placed the vial in the fridge.
All is right in my infertility world because I got to take my first dose right on time this morning – 6 AM. 
So far I’m having some awesome side effects (I told you it was evil) – dull headache and a stomachache. 
Tomorrow morning, I add in the stims, which have been in my possession for a few weeks now. 
I really hope that this is the only fiasco I experience this cycle. Fingers crossed.

IVF 2.0

Hey all! I promised another blog post this week, so here it is 🙂

E and I are gearing up for our second and last IVF cycle, which starts next week. Ever since our last injectibles cycle failed in November, I’ve been sitting on birth control to keep everything quiet and suppressed. There wasn’t much going on in December other than actually deciding to give IVF one more try.

On January 9th, I went in for a blood draw and a baseline ultrasound to make sure that the birth control was doing it’s job. The ultrasound went great. Lining was thin, no cysts, no problems. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for my blood work. My TSH (thyroid) levels came back elevated. The levels jumped from a 3.25 in November to a 3.35. I’m going to go ahead and say that this was partially my own fault; not my body’s. After our failed FET in August, I got fed up with taking all my medications, so I stopped the thyroid medication for awhile. When my levels were re-checked, I was put back on the medication, but opted to only take it every other day since I was having some random chest pains. Guess the every other day routine wasn’t cutting it. My RE is weening me up to 75mcg a day – up from 25mcg a day. I’m currently taking 50mcg and will be bumping it up to my full dosage on Monday. Fingers crossed that my levels get in check after the dosage increases.

So moving on from the thyroid issue. I went into the clinic this morning for a saline sonogram since my last one was performed over a year ago. Better to be safe than sorry when we’re shelling out a large amount of money, right? Thankfully, everything came back all clear and I got the green light to proceed with this upcoming cycle. My vitamin D levels were also rechecked and I’m still within the normal range.

This cycle, we’re sticking with the microdose L.upron flare protocol (IVF #1’s protocol). There will be one major change though. We’re doubling my G.onal-F dosage. I’ll be doing 2 vials of G.onal and 1 vial of M.enopur every 12 hours. In addition to all that, I’ll be adding in 20 units of L.upron. Thank goodness I can mix all these drugs together so I only have to inject myself twice a day.

As far as my IVF 2.0 calendar goes, here are my tentative important dates:

January 20 – Last BCP
January 23 – First dose of L.upron
January 24 – First day of stims
January 28 – First monitoring appointment
February 4 – ER
February 7 – ET

We’re hoping to stay pretty close to this pre-determined schedule because E will be leaving for training shortly after our ET. It’s not a huge deal if he’s not here for the transfer, but I would prefer him to be here. Also, E has insisted that I take off from work for a week and a half. He’s convinced that I was too stressed out during our first IVF cycle since I was in the middle of student teaching. I see many movies, TV shows, and books in my near future.

I guess that’s the best update that I can give at this point. We’re hoping so hard that this is the cycle that will bring us our miracle baby(ies). If not, then we’ve come to the end of the infertility treatment road.

Feeling Uninspired

It’s been a few weeks since I posted any sort of update. Sorry readers. 

I’m currently overwhelmed with working almost full-time and preparing for my upcoming IVF 2.0 cycle. 
I do have a four day weekend coming up thanks to Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, so I promise that I’ll be a good blogger and write and schedule some upcoming posts. 
In order to inspire/remind myself of what needs to be addressed, I’ll leave myself a list of topics: 
What is going on my thyroid?
IVF 2.0 preparations 
Our upcoming spring PCS 
Humorous teaching stories  
Hope everyone has been doing well. I’ve been trying to keep up the best that I can with reading blogs at least, but have been bad about commenting. Again, I am sorry!