IVF 2.0 Update

There has been a lot going on in regards to IVF 2.0 since I last updated the blog.

First off, L.upron is the devil. I had terrible joint pain and raging headaches for the first two and a half days. Thankfully, the side effects have subsided and I only experience the occasional dull headache.

I started stims on Thursday morning and was scheduled for my first monitoring appointment on Monday morning (stim day four). Nurse D did my ultrasound and we found a bunch of small follicles on each side ranging from about 4 to 8 mm. My blood was drawn and I headed to work for the day.

I heard back from Nurse D around 4:30 that afternoon. She told me that my estradiol (E2) level was only at 62. She wanted me to come back in on Thursday morning for my next check.

My heart sank.

My levels are typically low in the beginning, but during my first round of IVF, it wasn’t nearly that low at my first check.

After some major freaking out and crying, I took a peek at my first IVF calendar. I noticed that I didn’t go in for my first monitoring appointment until my seventh day of stimming. My E2 level was up above 200 at that point.

Thursday will mark my eighth day of stimming, so hopefully my follicles will be bigger and my E2 level will be higher.

I’m nervous about my retrieval and transfer dates because E is getting ready to go TDY for a few weeks. Obviously, he’s essential to retrieval and I’m confident that he won’t miss that. I do have a friend willing to drive me on transfer day, but I would appreciate it if E was there for it.

I guess only time will tell and we’ll find out what’s going on tomorrow. Truth be told, I’m a nervous wreck.

One bright side of this cycle is that my thyroid levels are back under control. I requested that my TSH level be checked again since it’s been 3 weeks since my dosage had been adjusted. My TSH went from 3.35 at the beginning of January down to a 0.733!

Hopefully my next update will be a positive one.


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