IVF 2.0 – Update #2

After my lackluster appointment on Monday, I had an excruciating wait until my next appointment on Thursday morning.

I managed to get to the clinic by 5:50 on Thursday morning and was in the first group of lucky women who went back for blood work and ultrasounds. One of the nurses came by around 6:15 to take my blood. After a quick stick, I waited. And waited. And waited some more. My RE finally came into see me around 6:50 or so.

Lots of follicles popped up on the screen and they definitely looked bigger than they did on Monday morning. Dr. P. let me know that the follicles were all measuring around 10mm. Initially, my heart sank. Again. I knew that there was no way that my egg retrieval would still be scheduled for Monday, the 4th.

I had a mini-meltdown in the hallway and cried on my nurse’s shoulder. Again, E’s TDY date is looming closer and closer, which throws me into an irrational state of mind.

After grabbing a few extra boxes of meds, I headed off to work for the day. Around 5:00, I received a phone call and found out that my hormone levels jumped from 62 to 562. Finally, some good news! I was instructed to come back the following morning (today) for another check.

This morning, I showed up early again and endured the same long wait back in the ultrasound room. I randomly struck up a conversation with another woman in the waiting room because I noticed her at my last appointment. Turns out that she’s also a teacher and we chatted in between the curtains while we were waiting on Dr. P. The 45 minute wait doesn’t seem so long when you have some to talk to.

Blood was drawn again and follicle sizes were checked.

Lining is now at a 12 – up from a 7 on Monday.

17 follicles were counted and measured at 12mm.

I’m still waiting on my phone call to find out where my E2 is sitting at.

As of right now, ER will happen on Wednesday with a transfer on Saturday. We’re cutting it close with E’s TDY date, but if we stay on track with this schedule, he’ll be here for everything.

Once I find out what my numbers are, I’ll most likely update the post. For now, I wait. And wait. And wait. Always waiting.


E2 levels rose to 1,038. Next ultrasound will be on Sunday afternoon. Possible ER on Tuesday afternoon. We’re getting close!


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