ER and a Fertilization Report


Yesterday was the big day. Egg retrieval day. On Sunday, we requested to be scheduled for ER on Tuesday afternoon because E had to give a presentation at work in the morning. Request was granted and we were instructed to show up at the clinic at 12:45 for a 1:00 retrieval.

Upon arrival, we were presented with a clipboard of paperwork to be completed before heading back for the surgery. After the paperwork was filled out, we met briefly with Dr. P to sign more paperwork and to discuss the potential risks of the surgery. As if I wasn’t anxious enough.

About 10 minutes later, I was summoned to the pre-op room and E was left to do his thing.

I slowly changed out of my clothing and slipped on the hospital gown with the strings that never seem to tie tight enough in the back. I walked over to a chair and shook hands with the anesthesiologist. She reviewed my medical history, gave me a shot of Lidocaine in the arm, and inserted the IV. One of my nurses came over to hold my hand because she noticed that I was tearing up a bit.

Side note – Thank goodness for my two nurses. They have seriously kept me (almost) sane throughout this entire IVF cycle.

After the IV was inserted, my other nurse popped her head around the curtain, asked if I was ready, and walked me into the operating room.

I hopped up on the bed, put my legs up in the extra-large stirrups, and laid down on my back. The anesthesiologist gave me some oxygen, placed the blood pressure cuff around my left arm, and stuck on some pads to monitor my heart rate. She asked me if I was ready for “the good stuff.” I told her I was ready to go, so she started the IV. In a few seconds, I felt a rush of warmth surge through my body. I started to feel drowsy.

All of a sudden, I heard some loud beeping. I was screaming in my head (ok and maybe out loud too), what the heck is going on? I was told that the pads were just being readjusted and that everything was ok. I remember asking my nurse how everyone else’s retrievals went earlier in the day and then I was out.

Next thing I knew, E was leading me to the car.

I sat on the couch this morning, trying to remember what happened after the surgery yesterday, but my brain is foggy.

E told me that Dr. P came into the room and told us that they retrieved 20 eggs and that 16 of them were mature. So exciting, right? We got 9 more eggs than with our first IVF cycle! Not bad at all for my P(c)OS ovaries.

After some recovery time, I got dressed and we headed home. I slept a lot yesterday afternoon and spent some time with a heating pad that a friend so graciously dropped off for me to use. I started my post-retrieval medications last night – an antibiotic, a steroid, and baby aspirin. I also added in progesterone this morning.

I impatiently sat around the house this morning. Waiting for that call from Dr. P.

My phone rang shortly after 11:30. Here it was. The fertilization report.

Dr. P. let me know that out of the 16 mature eggs retrieved, 15 fertilized through ICSI. 10 fertilized normally and the other 5 fertilized abnormally. I did mourn the loss of the 5 eggs, but am happy with the fertilization rate. Currently, we have one more embryo than we did with IVF #1.

Now we wait again. Tomorrow we’ll receive our second update and (hopefully) schedule a time for transfer for Friday.

If you’re the praying type, could you please shoot some extra prayers our way. If not, how about some good thoughts? I appreciate all the love and support that has been offered here and especially on Twitter. You’re all helping to keep me sane and have eased some of my anxiety. I appreciate all that you do for me!


7 thoughts on “ER and a Fertilization Report

  1. Jamie Leigh

    I've been following your blog for some time, never really comment, but I am pulling for you!! Lots of hope and some patience to get through the waiting periods, coming your way!


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