Another Fertilization Report and the Transfer

After receiving our first fertilization report on Wednesday, I was optimistic that Thursday’s fertilization report would be just as good. Dr. P. called in the morning on Wednesday, but made me nervously wait until the early afternoon on Thursday to call.

On Wednesday, we had 10 growing embryos. On Thursday, we had 9 growing embryos.

We lost 1.

“Okay”, I told myself. It wasn’t the end of the world. We still had 1 more than last time.

Dr. P. let me know that we should show up to the clinic on Friday at 2:30 for a 2:45 transfer.

On Thursday night, I dutifully took all my extra pills and extra progesterone support. The two V.aliums helped me have the first peaceful night of sleep in a long time.

I started filling my bladder at lunch time on Friday and popped my last V.alium at 1:45. E came home early from work and we headed over to the clinic around 2:15.

I ran into my cycle buddy as she was also waiting on her transfer. We talked about our egg retrievals and she told me that only 4 of her eggs fertilized. She wasn’t sure how many total they got, but it was less than what we did. I was feeling very thankful by that point.

She went back for her consult with Dr. P. first and found out that 2 of the 4 stopped growing and that they would transfer the remaining 2. I wished her luck and told her that it only takes 1! I hope for nothing but the best for her.

Back to our situation…. shortly after arriving, we were called back into the consult room to meet with Dr. P. He showed us the fertilization report and we were shocked to see that embryo #10 made a comeback overnight! The big decision was looming though – how many to transfer? We asked Dr. P. to give us his honest opinion first. He said that based on our last two failed cycles of transferring two embryos each time, he would suggest transferring 3 embryos this time around.

E and I looked at each other. We had talked about the possibility about transferring 3 before the cycle even started, but never came to a final decision. We talked about the chances of all 3 implanting (about 10%) and if my body would be able to support a possible higher order pregnancy (RE thinks so based on my height and build).

Next, I asked which embryos would be chosen if we decided to go with 3. Dr. P. showed us the report again and we saw that there were 9, grade I (top rating) embryos and 1, grade II. He said that he would consult with the embryologist and give us a few minutes to talk.

After Dr. P. left the room, E and I had another discussion. We trusted Dr. P’s opinion and decided to go with transferring 3. When Dr. P. returned, we told him that we were onboard. We decided that a 5-cell, a 6-cell, and a 7-cell (all grade I) embryos would be our lucky 3. We chose to freeze the remaining 7 embryos.

We walked back into the procedure room where I stripped from the waist down and received my HCG booster shot from Nurse D. I put my feet in the stirrups, verified my name and how many embryos would be transferred, and waited for the catheter to be inserted. E, Nurse D, and I watched as our 3 little embryos made their way from the catheter into my uterus, their new home for the next (hopefully) 9 months.

I was told not to test before February 15th because of the HCG booster shot. My first beta is scheduled for the 19th.

Who knows how many will stick? All 3? 2? Or just 1? Please let it be at least 1.

I do have to say that this transfer felt different from the previous 2. As we watched the embryos on the screen, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and excitement all at the same time. I had a dream last night that our first ultrasound showed twins. Everyone at the clinic seemed so happy and optimistic for us all. I left the clinic feeling confident and at peace.

I guess we’ll have a final answer in about 10 days. 10 long days.


8 thoughts on “Another Fertilization Report and the Transfer

  1. jcsmom

    Good luck! We also did a few cycles with Dr. P, however…were not successful 😦 I hope you have a better outcome!We ended up cycling at REACH in Charlotte and were successful on the first try! So, never give up…there are always options.


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