Untold Stories of the E(gg) R(etrieval)

E and I were sitting on the couch the other night and I had mentioned to him that I didn’t really remember much about ER day. I told him that the last thing I remember was freaking out about the EKG machine and then didn’t remember anything until we got back to the house.

Last time, I apparently made a fool of myself when it came to taking pain medication while sitting in the recovery room. I was handed two T.ylenols and they kept falling out of my mouth. I was interested to find out what went on in the recovery room this time, so I asked E to fill me in.

According to E, when we entered the room, I was passed out cold while reclining in a chair. I would randomly open my eyes,  ask how many eggs we got, and then pass out again. Apparently this went on for about 20 minutes or so. When the anesthesiologist came to take the IV out of my arm (which by the way, I still have a wicked bruise), I gave her a nasty look, but didn’t say anything, as she took off the layers of tape that were used to keep the IV in place.

After the IV was out, I guess I was just saying random things over and over again. I was cracking everyone up, but I guess I didn’t reveal any juicy secrets. It took about 45 minutes total for them to convince me to get changed out of the hospital gown and back into my regular clothes. I was also sucking down orange Gatorade, which meant that I must have really been out of it. I detest the orange flavor.

Finally on the way out of the room, I sprinted to the car. Guess I was ready to go home?

I was pretty foggy and out of it for a few hours after coming home, so I assume the medicine hit me a lot harder than it did last time.


3 thoughts on “Untold Stories of the E(gg) R(etrieval)

  1. ousoonerchick

    Stupid meds! I was told when they took my wisdom teeth that I talked the WHOLE time saying crazy stuff so you aren't the only one. Hang in there. Just laugh it off. It made me day. LOL


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