Advocacy Day 2013


I am so excited to share with you all that I will be attending Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. next Wednesday. During Advocacy Day, myself and other members of the infertility community will be presented with opportunities to meet with Congressional representatives to lobby for the Family Act, which would provide individuals and couples with the opportunity to apply for tax credits when paying for IVF cycles. Another piece of legislation that will be discussed is the Women’s, Veteran’s, and Other Care Improvements Act. According to the RESOLVE website, this bill would “improve the reproductive assistance provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs to severely wounded, ill, or injured veterans and their spouses, and for other purposes” (RESOLVE, 2013).

In addition to spending the day on Capitol Hill and advocating, I’ll also have the opportunity to meet up with some of my biggest Twitter supporters. One of these women, Casey who blogs over at Chances Our, posed some questions for bloggers who would be attending Advocacy Day. These questions were designed to provide a little background about each advocate.

1. Where are you in your infertility journey right now? In one sentence!

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, hypothyroidism, and LPD and have been through 7 rounds of oral medication, 5 IUIs, 2 IVFs, 2 FETs, and 3 miscarriages.

2. What inspired you to go to RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2013?

Infertility has touched my life on so many levels. For a long time, I was very secretive about our infertility journey, but now that I have opened up about it, I have realized that my story can make a difference. I’ve finally found something that I’m passionate about and want to talk about. Additionally, The Family Act and the Women’s, Veteran’s, and Other Care Improvements Act both touch my life personally. I am a military spouse who is at the end of our treatment journey partially due to the high cost of IVF. I want to make sure that our government leaders know that millions of people are affected by this disease and more action should be taken to help individuals and couples build their families.

3. What do you want Congress to understand about infertility?

That infertility is a disease that affects 1 in 8 couples. Even though infertility is an uphill battle, there are many treatments available that can help build families. Unfortunately because of the high costs of many of these treatments and lack of insurance coverage, many individuals and couples don’t have access to these treatments.

4. What are you looking most forward to about Advocacy Day?

Making my voice heard and meeting a group of women who have played a major role in my infertility journey. They’ve been there for my highs and lows and my ups and downs. I’m forever grateful to know these strong and amazing women.

5. What is one thing other advocates will be surprised to learn about you when they meet you?

That I’m a very plain and simple person. I don’t spend much time on my hair and wear little to no makeup. I’m very unglamorous. Also, that I’m very shy when I first meet people. It may take a little time for me to warm up to everyone.

If you’d like to meet some of my fellow advocates, click on their names to visit their blogs!



Miss Ohkay 

Whitney Anderson 





Fran Meadows 


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