A Fresh Start

After writing over at Blogger for the past 3 years, I felt like it was finally time for a fresh start. I was having some issues with people finding my blog by searching by my first and last name. Even though I do occasionally post pictures of myself, I like to maintain some anonymity. Since I’m not tied into G.oogle over here, I think that I should be able to remain more anonymous. I wanted to say thank you to all of my readers who have continued to follow my journey over here in this new space.

So what’s been going on since my last post?

FET #2 and a move.

First up – FET #2.

Back in April, we geared up for our second FET cycle. We decided to stick with the same protocol as FET #1 because my progesterone levels were decent for once – L.upron for suppression, E.strace to build up my lining, and E.ndometrin for progesterone support. The cycle was pretty uneventful and moved along quickly and soon we were ready for transfer day. Since our last thaw was essentially a disaster (we lost 4 out of 6 embryos), I was terrified that the same thing would happen again. When we got to the clinic, we learned that they thawed 4 of our 7 embryos and 3 of the embryos survived the thaw. We ended up transferring 3, grade I embryos. All of the embryos had great cell division before the transfer, so we were hopeful that this would be it for us.

Because of the chemical pregnancy with IVF #2, I refused to test before my beta. Thankfully, I had work and Advocacy Day happenings to keep me distracted. Since a 14 DPO beta would fall over a weekend, my nurse scheduled my betas for Thursday and Friday. E picked me up from DC early on Thursday morning and we drove back to NC as quickly as we could. I only had to wait about an hour after my blood draw to receive my results.


I could tell from my nurse’s tone of voice that she wasn’t delivering good news. Not only was the beta negative, my progesterone was also low.

Of course I had to go in for a follow-up beta the following day before stopping my medications.

Negative again.

I immediately told my nurse that my protocol needed to change. Especially since this upcoming FET would be our last TTC cycle. I’m tapped out. My heart can’t handle all of this heartbreak anymore. She agreed with me that things needed to be different and spoke to my RE about changes to the protocol. We decided to switch from progesterone inserts to PIO and from E.strace to estrogen injections. L.upron suppression will remain the same. Honestly, I’m terrified of all the injections, but if it’ll give me my baby, then bring them on.

This cycle will also be different because E and I moved to VA about 2 weeks ago. Thankfully, all of my monitoring and blood work can be done locally. I’ll only have to drive back to NC for the transfer. It’s a little strange not to be going to my clinic for everything, but we’ll make it work. As of right now, L.upron will begin on or around July 25 and the transfer should be August 19. Lucky me gets to start birth control tonight since my nurse wants me to have a period before prepping for FET.

So that’s what’s up on the TTC front. Another big happening in my life right now is our recent big move.

E has been offered a faculty position at a widely recognized military academy, which means that he’s been given the opportunity to attend graduate school for a year. It’s strange being out of the military community, but we’re making it work.

This move, by far, has been the most stressful move I’ve experienced in the past 8 years. This move marked my 7th move thanks to the military. We received orders about 3 and a half weeks before E was scheduled to start his first class, thanks to sequestration. Since we didn’t know if this move would actually happen, we decided not to put our house up on the rental market until we had orders in hand. Orders finally came. Thankfully we bought in a great school district, so our house rented out only 4 days after being on the rental market.

After the house was rented, we focused on the moving aspect. E had to clear the military post, I had to finish working, and packing and cleaning needed to happen. Clearing happened. Last day of work happened. Cleaning happened. Packing happened. Everything went fairly smoothly except for the packing. Our movers were pretty terrible and ended up damaging some items and scraping up our newly painted walls. I was so stressed out on move out day that E had to send me to a friend’s house while he stayed behind to supervise.

After the moving came the driving. Our drive only took about half a day and we spent the night in a hotel since we wouldn’t be able to get into our new apartment until the following morning. The unpacking happened quickly because I hate looking at boxes and E is already finished his first week of class.

We’re getting used to living in a smaller space and I have to keep reminding myself that this is only for a year. I miss my friends terribly, but I’m finding some new ones slowly. I joined a gym and have been participating in group exercise classes for about a week now (Operation: Get Fit Again is underway). I’m preparing to go to my first RESOLVE support group meeting later in the month. I’m researching domestic infant adoption. I’m job hunting.

Lots of changes are going on. Some good. Some scary. We’re trying to make the most of this experience and hoping that good things come out of it.


3 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Wife of a Sailor

    I’m just praying this all will be worth it in the end, that you finally get your take home baby(ies). ((hugs))

    BTW… you need to move to JBLM =P


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