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Thursday Thoughts


Many of you may have noticed that I’ve been neglecting this blog. Big time. Thankfully, Wifey, over at Wife of a Sailor, came up with a new link-up to learn more about her readers and other bloggers. Every Wednesday, Wifey will post a new word that blog posts should be centered around. I think this is a great way to spark my imagination and will give me a chance to write about something other than infertility topics. 

So without further ado…

This week’s word is – Learning 

I’ve always been a huge lover of school. Not so much the social interaction part of it, but the learning part. From a very young age, I loved to learn new things. My mother taught me to read when I was three years old and I wanted to read anything and everything. I begged my mother to send me to preschool when I was four because I hated sitting around the babysitter’s house with my little brother all day. 

After a terrible year in preschool (partially due to the fact that I was bored to tears), the decision on where to send me to school came up. I remember my parents telling me that I demanded to be put into first grade and not into kindergarten because I didn’t want to hang out with the “babies”. I didn’t want to take naps and paint pictures. I wanted to read books. I wanted to make new discoveries. I wanted to learn about everything the world had to offer. 

Over the years, I had my struggles with learning. I loved reading and writing. I enjoyed learning about different countries and cultures. However, I got frustrated with math and science except for chemistry, which I surprisingly excelled at. I loved teachers who challenged me, but also supported me. I feared and disliked teachers who pushed me to the side and refused to help me understand. 

Despite some negative experiences when it came to learning, I still love it. I love learning so much that I went back to school to earn my Master’s Degree in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum with my certification in Elementary Education. 

Through my previous jobs as a substitute teacher and an assistant daycare teacher, I found my passion in life. Working with children day in and day out was a very rewarding opportunity that I was thankful to have and hope to have in the future. These experiences also gave me the opportunity to watch children grow and develop.  Seeing a child accomplish something new or reaching a personal goal was one of the best parts of both jobs. I was proud to take part in each individual child’s progress and development, whether it was helping a student learn how to read or spell a new word in a kindergarten classroom or helping an infant take their first steps in my infant classroom. 

I believe that today’s youth are our country’s future and I would like to be given the opportunity to influence our youngest students full-time. I want to be that person who becomes at least one child’s role model. I want to teach my students not only educational subjects, such as reading and math, but I also want to teach them how to become a better person inside and out. I look forward to becoming someone who will inspire children to become better students and help them unlock their potential.

Every year, the United States falls further behind in education. I would like to be part of the solution. I want to help our country’s students become more proficient in key areas and help them prepare for their future. Being an elementary education teacher will provide me with countless opportunities to start students off on the right path. I hope to be able to teach them strategies and different ways of learning. A good education is the first step to achieving anything in life and is the foundation that children need. I want to be able to give each and every student an equal chance to succeed in life. I want to share my love of learning with as many students as possible.