Thursday Thoughts


This is the fifth week of Thursday Thoughts hosted by Wifey, over at Wife of a Sailor. Every Wednesday, Wifey will post a new word that blog posts should be centered around. On Thursday, you’ll post your thoughts and head over to her blog to link up and share your post.

This week’s word is – Risk


Before I got married, I wouldn’t have considered myself to be a risk taker. Realistically, I didn’t really become a risk taker until we started undergoing fertility treatments back in 2009. We risked the chance of having multiples. We risked the chance of something going wrong during our egg retrievals. We risked having our hearts broken at the end of every single two week wait.

Now – we’ve opened our hearts and lives to a whole new risk. Adoption.

The road to welcoming a child into our home will be long. It will be hard. It might be painful at times. However, we want to be parents more than anything, so we’re willing to take that risk. 

I would also like to touch on a different type of risk. The risk of being looked down upon when I decided to make our struggles and experiences public on Facebook a few years ago. While my posts have been ignored by some, many friends have shown support both publicly and privately. I was touched by an email sent by one of my college roommates after I recently posted that our TTC journey would be ending and our journey to adoption was just beginning. Here is an excerpt from that email –

You are such a special friend that I adore and think of every day. You are already a wonderful mother to your angels. I wish there was a way to make this all better for you. I wish we knew the reason for all of this. Don’t lose yourself in this struggle. You have the ability to love unconditionally and are so compassionate. There is a child out there that needs you and E more than we all know. What a special child it must be that is calling for you, made for you!

Most days I feel like people who haven’t experienced infertility firsthand can’t even begin to comprehend how our struggles and experiences have affected us. Every now and then though, a friend surprises me with his/her ability to empathize and offer support and love. It makes the risk of opening up our lives to people worth it. Sometimes the simplest words and/or a statement of support can mean the world to someone.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Wife of a Sailor

    I hadn’t even thought about the risk of telling people when I did on Facebook. I’m so glad you had support. The only people who supported me was… my former commanding officer and some military friends. Not one other friend or one family member.

    I hope there’s not much risk for you in adoption and that you have your baby soon. ((hugs))

  2. Susy_Sama

    Beautiful post. It gives me great comfort to know that there are times in which you feel accompanied and understood. Thinking of you ❤


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